HARNESS is developing a new generation of cloud computing platforms that integrate heterogeneous hardware resources to provide vastly increased performance with reduced energy consumption and lower cost.

Take a look at what HARNESS will mean for a cloud user in the Mike’s Story video below. Find out more about these featured technologies.

Our code is on GitHub.

Read our press release and accompanying white paper.

Prof. Alex Wolf, our project coordinator, gives a summary of the HARNESS project results at the ICS Cloud and Big Data conference, held at Frankfurt, Germany, on September 30, 2015. Interview by Ad Emmen, Primeur Magazine. Read the article here.

Mike’s story video, featuring HARNESS technologies such as aspect-oriented dataflow designs, heterogeneous computation resources, on-path data aggregation, configuration optimisations, and heterogeneous storage technologies. You can enable subtitles using the icon to the bottom right.

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