SAPSAP SE, has taken part in several EC co-funded projects that deal with the enhancement of business processes by integration of infrastructure functionality in enterprise services. By strongly coupling data centres infrastructures, new advances in database technology and Cloud technology with high-level business domain (e.g., enterprise services), it is possible not only to get near real-time data but also be able to distribute business intelligence at several layers between them, for example at backend system, internet-based services, as well as the devices themselves. This has the potential of drastically changing the way we design and implement enterprise applications and services in a sustainable way. Therefore, SAP’s interest is to deeply investigate the challenges involved and what the model to exploit them poses; identify early and solve problems that may arise; and investigate the impact on the existing business processes.

Indicatively, SAP has participated in many projects in the field of using Grid and Cloud computing as execution platforms for service-oriented business applications as a partner in the European research projects NextGRID, XtreemOS, SLA@SOI, RESERVOIR, OPTIMIS and in several other projects with industrial partners. SAP also participates in smart-grid related efforts at the international e.g. in Smart Grids, as well as national (German) level, e.g. in the e-energy related working group at the Federation of German Industries (BDI).