Imperial College London

ImperialImperial College London has a distinguished track record of world-class research in critical areas of relevance to the HARNESS project: software engineering, distributed systems, networking, custom computing, field-programmable logic, hardware/software co-design, and reconfigurable systems. These areas represent the work of more than 15 academic staff and 75 researchers, contributing to seminal work in architectural- and component-based software design, distributed middleware, Internet-scale communication services, high-performance messaging, secure stream processing, data-centre networking, hardware compilation and design-space exploration, novel design languages and transformation methods, models for run-time reconfigurable designs, and domain-specific tools and hardware platforms.

Imperial’s key personnel maintain substantive collaborations with, among others, Algotronix, Altera, BAE, Celoxica, Cisco, Detica, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Nexor, Nokia, Orange Labs/France Telecom, Xilinx, and the UK National Health Service, and are involved in the FP7 projects EPICS, REFLECT, and FASTER.